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When outsourcing your business and your employees in Belgium you probably want to do it safely and in compliance with the legal framework. Besides the necessary work permits and legal documents, you will also need some mandatary insurances. But which insurances from your home country and which of the foreign country are ensuring an intervention if something goes wrong…? Which coverages are mandatory with the opening of your subsidiary in Belgium, which ones are not? If you don’t know where to start, we can help you out!

New country, new needs, new situation = new evaluation of your risk profile.
Advice on your car transfers, financial matters, the necessary coverages for your employees, for you as a manager, oversea insurances for your executives, personal insurances, business insurances… Whatever you need, let us fix this for you.

How can we help?

Insurances in your own country can already be a complex matter, but it can be even more challenging in a foreign country when you do not know the local market. In Belgium we have a lot of different insurance companies with different prizes and different coverages. It can be useful to compare them to find the insurance package you need. Our experts listen to your needs and offer you advice on matters like car transfers, liability insurances, property insurances, business interruption insurances, insurances for your employees like a renter’s insurance or a personal car insurance…
With more than 20 years of experience, we have established good relationships with partner insurance companies so we can offer you a competitive prize for a tailor-made insurance package.

Risk management for companies

Which insurances do you have to take if you decide to establish an affiliate in Belgium? Is an insurance for accidents at work mandatory? Can I give Employee Benefits? Can I insure a bunch of cars?Do I have to take a specific insurance for the building I am hiring? We will answer all your questions.

Legal protection

What if you don’t know how to deal wit the Belgian tax authorities an get into some trouble? What if your supplier didn’t deliver the necessary resources to manufacture your products? What if one of your employees sues you because he was unhappy with how things went? What if a client sues you because he didn’t receive his delivery? To avoid to pay high legal costs at once, a legal protection insurance can be very useful.


You as a company or your employees can be held responsible for a mistake made at work. How can you protect them and your company against prosecution? Think about insurances as director’s liability and professional liability.

Private insurances

Do you also want to help your workforce out to make them feel comfortable leaving the country ? Let us fix the most important insurances like car, home and renting insurances.

Fiscal optimization

Did you know some insurance products might also be useful for tax relief?
A self-employed insurance, a pension scheme, employee benefits,…Just check out with us what’s possible for you.

Health insurance

Did you know that people who work in Belgium can benefit from the social security system which also partly covers the costs of your hospital bill? Did you also know it covers only like 50% of the costs of a hospitalization? To avoid surprises you can take a specific hospitalization insurance for you and/or your employees.


Why work with us?

Receive a 360° financial management service: a total solution for all your insurance needs and everything around it. Copper is your companion, your analyst and local anchor all together.

  • Your companion — Could you use a personal financial coach for your peace of mind? Based on a personalized audit, we will give you tailor-made advice on the risk management of your company. You will receive a plan including the coverages you need for yourself and your employees and advice on fiscal optimization in the long-run.
  • Your analyst — As an independent broker Copper keeps a close eye on the price/quality ratio on the market and compares different options for the solution that best suits your needs. A regular follow-up with you is key in our optimization approach.
  • Your local anchor — As an outsider it may be difficult to know exactly the complexities of the local market. Located at the heart of Europe, our interest for the expat market grew naturally and we now have more  than 20 years of experience in helping expats out. You can rely upon our expertise to guarantee you and your employees a safe stay.

Specific questions
about Insurance & Protection

We do not only give advice on insurances, but also on on everything around it. We will explain to you which procedures you need to follow and contact the necesessary parties for you.

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Import a car

Moving your vehicle from an EU-country to Belgium might seem complicated, but it isn’t. Follow our steps and off you go!

Global and oversea insurances

As the name suggests, overseas mediclaim policy is a health insurance policy which covers you against the risk of hospitalization expenses in a foreign country. This policy covers medical expenses while the insured is outside India. It covers medical expenses both as inpatient as well as outpatient.

Hospitalization insurance and basic health insurance fund: what’s the difference?

It is extremly useful to compare hospitalization insurance policies carefully. Private hospitalization insurance policies differ alot from health insurance funds. The main difference is that private insurers usually exclude pre-existing conditions. Basic health insurance funds are generally cheaper than from a private insurer, but it also usually covers less (f.e supplements for single room stay in a hospital could be excluded).


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