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Prepare the journey

The idea of moving is exciting. Moving to another country for work is entirely different and even more a challenge when family comes along. We can help you settling in so you can enjoy the journey. We are a one-stop source for global mobility solutions for both companies working with a large number of expats or individuals embarking on a new chapter.

Immigration procedures

The start of a large “to do” list! Visa application, getting a work permit, residence permit, single permit, professional card, Belgian citizenship, driving license, legalisation of documents… Complicated for you, business as usual for us.

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Relocation procedures and travel arrangements

Once all immigration related documents are in process, it’s time to think about relocation needs. Will you be moving furniture, a car maybe? Need us to take care of temporary / permanent accommodation? Need a school for your children? With these and many more practical services we can help you.

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Ready to leave?

Have you checked whether any formalities in your home country need to be complied with before leaving? Need us to double check everything prior to departure to give you peace of mind? We are here to ease the process for you. It’s part of our service.

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Welcome to Belgium

Once arrived in Belgium, you’re in the final process of getting all the legal documents in order. A few visits to the town hall, affiliations to all mandatory official bodies to secure compliance and you’re ready to start the new adventure. After 5 years you might even want to request unlimited residence status, or even obtain Belgian nationality?

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Tax and legal services

Now that you’ve arrived, it’s time for your entrance tax meeting to understand the taxability in Belgium. Any questions related to your particular situation, whether you are an employee, a company or self-employed individual, we’ll make sure to explain so you know what’s coming. Maybe you wish to receive some advice regarding financial management too?

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Settling in services

Insurances To make sure you are sufficiently covered, we also have a specialized insurance team at your disposal. They can review any policy you already have or wish to conclude and advise on the best coverage on the market according to your needs.

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Protection You will also need to open a bank account, whether private or professional, we can help you. Maybe you’ll need help with choosing a good network provider or connect to the local water and electricity & gas provider. Anything that comes to mind, we surely have an answer.

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Yearly tax & legal compliance

Now that you’re fully settled in and used to your new life in Belgium, it might be time to see whether your legal documents need renewal. Within 4 to 6 months after settling in, it’s a great time to check for tax compliance, such as filing the request to obtain a special tax status and already preparing for the filing of your yearly tax return.

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Hi there! all done

Why us?

A cooperation of 3 partners with the same passion for quality service and in-depth knowledge of both theoretical but foremost practical solutions in global mobility

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Over 15 years of practical expertise in the field. Excellent relations with third party providers and the competent authorities as a result.

Full service provider

3 parties joining forces to provide a full-service package so you don’t need to look any further.

Personal & hands-on

We take it very personal as it’s your personal and professional future you trust us with. Hands on and to the point advice is what we stand for.

Tailored solutions

Every situation is different, even if it seems similar to another. We provide tailored advice that fits individual needs.

Challenging for you, Core business for us.

We are here to help. And our goal is to ease the process so you can focus on your professional and personal engagements.

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Is a work visa the same as a work permit or single permit?

The term “work visa” is a commonly used term in practice but not entirely correct according to Belgian immigration rules. In Belgium we speak about a work permit and a residence permit or a single permit when it comes to employment situations. In the event of a self-employed activity a professional card is delivered. The visa that is delivered by the competent diplomatic post is generally a long stay D-visa which can be delivered based on a preliminary employment authorization, or a family reunification process, or other grounds that were granted prior to the visa D issuance.

What is the difference between and work permit and a professional card?

A work permit is delivered to someone working as an employee whereas a professional card is delivered to a self-employed person. The work permit and professional card are both delivered by the competent regional employment authorities.

Do I need to pay taxes if I work abroad?

As an employee, the answer will depend where your employer is located and where you have performed your professional activities physically. If you are on the payroll outside Belgium and physically perform your activities in that specific country, Belgium will in principle need to exempt this income subject to progression. All other workdays will become taxable in Belgium. Be prepared and safe proof of your physical activities outside Belgium!

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