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A particular area of human resources is global mobility. The term global mobility is very wide and needs interpretation depending on the case at hand. Bringing solutions to our customers from our different areas of expertise makes our team unique. Economical migration, social security legislation, relocation, tax and accounting services topped with the necessary insurance coverage is our core business.

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Prepping the papers & move

Tailored advice on getting any employment and residence permission, getting the right visa, affiliation to official instances, moving goods, housing, schooling, etc.

Assuring tax compliance

Salary calculations, application for the special tax regime, assess cross border employment tax positions, filing of the tax return for Belgian and non-Belgian residents, accounting services.


Settling in services

Travel & private health insurance, home and car insurance, assistance with water & electricity affiliation, wifi connection, long term financial management, etc.


Working as a team with continued focus on every niche segment makes us strong together. Today’s technology makes it possible to work under the Expat Services umbrella as partners working side by side.

As partners, Xpatriate, Bofidi and Copper share the same passion of helping and exceeding expectations. This drives us to liaise on the best possible solutions for our customers. With over 15 years of field experience, we’ve been challenged many times. Every case is a new challenge and drives us to excel.

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Assisting companies with employing international profiles



Assisting individuals with legal advice on immigration procedures, social security, taxes and insurance coverage.



Working for companies and individuals from all over the world, covering in- and outbound moves.

Expertise combined with efficiency and availability is key in an ever changing environment.

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